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Abdominoplasty for men and women

Abdominoplasty is commonly referred to as tummy tuck and involves the elimination of excess fats from the human abdomen. This is carried out using several surgical procedural methods, the end result of which it stiffens up the muscles at the abdominal wall. Patients who experience excessive muscles at the abdomen, women who suffer from loose tissues after pregnancy or heavy weight people who lose weight drastically often opt for Abdominoplasty. Tummy tuck is a form of cosmetic surgery which helps to hold the muscles firmly with the human body.

Abdominoplasty is broadly classified into complete and partial surgery. In complete Tummy tuck the incision made is larger in area and covers the major part of the abdomen and the skin is detached from the abdomen whereas partial abdominoplasty, the incision made covers only the lower abdomen and the detachment of skin is limited. There are striking biological differences between men and women who undergo tummy tuck due to their physical nature and due to pregnancy factors in case of females.

Both the sexes desire a flat and stiff abdomen, but for woman, who are about to get pregnant it is advisable to undergo abdominoplasty only after a certain period of time. This period is determined by several factors like after attaining considerable weight loss, completion of childbearing years (the best age for childbearing years is 20 to 35 years), etc.

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Lap band surgery – Laparoscopic gastric Banding

Lap band surgery also known as Gastric band surgery is one of the best and sure shot way to perfect and fit body in a very small course of time. It is also known as LAGB: Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding; Laparoscopic (Key Hole Surgery) is a faster procedure of small incisions instead of a big and long incisions resulting in less bleeding and faster recovery of the patient. This surgery works on logic of creating a small pouch on the upper part of the stomach with use of adjustable Silicone band, which is wrapped around the upper part of the tummy resulting in less intake of food. Fewer intakes of food results in less calories and resulting satisfied hunger with even small intake of meals with no hunger feeling between the meals resulting in controlled diet and weight loss. The band is a ring shaped hollow tube which is adjusted by injecting the correct amount of liquid solution through an flexible port attached to the balloon/ pouch which can be expanded or contracted according to the patients need and capability. It also reduces the secretion of hunger stimulating Ghrelin hormone resulting in less appetite.

Lap Band Procedure

There are two types of Lap Band Surgery:

  • Small Surgery – APSĀ  (Commonly suggested for the people with average body type)
  • Large Surgery – APL (Recommended for people with larger and massive body type)


  • Laparoscopic placement with small incisions as compared to large incisions.
  • Very less time involved the patients get discharged within 48 hours after successful operation.
  • Very less risk of infections and complications.
  • Band can be adjusted according to the patient needs without operation.
  • Simple and accepted by people of all ages.
  • Changes the body structure completely resulting in high confidence level.

Value for Money?

lap band cost

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