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Glossary of Surgical terms – liposuction-abdominoplasty-lapband-surgery- tummy tuck

Capsular Contracture – A fibrous capsule that forms around some breast implants. It changes the shape of the implant to a sphere. This can be painful but often presents a change in the shape of the breast. Surgeons’ works on a grading system from 1 to 4 to measure the severity.

Grade I – the breast is normally soft and looks natural.

Grade II – the breast is a little firm however looks normal.

Grade III – the breast is firm and looks abnormal.

Grade IV – the breast is hard, painful and looks abnormal.

The rate of capsular contracture can be reduced with the help of using sub-muscular implants, using textured implants, using antibiotics and by minimal handling of the implants during surgery.

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) – This is a blood clot which forms in the deep veins of the leg...

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Safe Liposuction – Tumescent Anesthesia

Tumescent Anesthesia

Before the invention of tumescent anesthesia, the Liposuction surgical procedure was performed with general anesthesia. In 1986 tumescent anesthesia was discovered by Dr. Jeffrey Klien specifically for Liposuction surgery. Based on the principle of hypodermoclysis Dr. Jeffrey’s concept of tumescent anesthesia has phenomenally changed the process of Liposuction surgery procedure performed nowadays. By adding epinephrine in buffered saline and perfect volumes of dilute lidocaine to the adipose layer, both hemostasis and local anesthesia can be achieved, resulting in safe and painless removal of large amount of fat and fat cells with very minute blood loss.

The tumescent technique works on the principle of increasing the adipose space, increasing anaesthetic efficiency ...

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