Diet and eating habits before and after Weight Loss Surgery (Abdominoplasty, tummy tuck, liposuction, lap band surgery)

I have come across many questions from the people looking for weight loss surgery, one of the commonly asked question is.

What to eat before and after weight loss surgery (Abdominoplasty, tummy tuck, liposuction, lap band surgery)?

Good eating habits help you in controlling overeating, craving for food habits and Losing weight before the weight loss surgery. A good eating habit also helps you in recovering faster after the weight loss surgery (Abdominoplasty, Tummy tuck, liposuction, lap band surgery).

A healthy good eating habit should also include taking care of the nutritional value and information about the food you consume. A nutritional tool helps you in developing new eating habits considering the nutritional value and proportional sizes of the food intake.

There are various nutritional applications available in the market in form of computer software’s, pocket books, interactive games that lists different portion sizes, nutritional value and calories to choose from. You just need to pick a tool suiting your requirements and availability, so that each time you munch something new, you are aware of the calories, nutrients and portion sizes.

A good eating habit can also help in reducing the over eating habits, helps enjoy the food, helps you to prepare for the weight loss surgery. Mentioned below is some of the eating habits and their benefits that will help you in getting an idea of good eating habit you are looking to consider.

                                           Good Eating Habits 
1st Habit: Eat three meals per day on a strict Schedule.
  • Directs hunger, sensory and opportunistic triggers.
  • Guarantees that you get adequate proteins after surgery.
  • Very helpful for dieting, all healthy diet plans require a 3 day meal course.
2nd Habit: Strict intake of planned snacks.
  • Directs hunger, sensory and opportunistic triggers.
  • As a part of your weight loss program, planning the intake of snacks ensures that you don’t over eat or eat wrong kind of food.
3rd Habit:  Eat small portions.
  • Addresses habit and opportunistic triggers.
  • Helpful for all diet programs.
4th Habit: Avoid drinking calories and chew your food.
  • Guarantees that food can fit through the small stomach opening after the WLS.
  • Helps in maintaining weight loss after surgery
  • Chewing food makes dieters more satisfied and enjoys the food.
  • Removes liquid calories, which are  easily absorbed and adds hundreds of calories to the total calorie intake each day.
Habit 5: Say no to caffeine, carbonation, sweets and alcohol.
  • Prepares for post weight loss surgery schedule.
Habit 6: Focus on protein.
  • Addresses hunger trigger.
  • Prepares for post surgery protein demand.
Habit 7: Eat logically.
  • Directs all triggers.
  • Helps in enjoying food.
  • Boon for dieters
  • Helps enjoy food after Weight loss surgery.
Habit 8: Self-monitoring practice.
  • Directs all triggers.
  • Helps you to adhere to post weight loss surgery rules.
  • Self monitoring helps dieters lose more weight and keep their weight in control.

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