Substitutes for abdominoplasty : tummy tuck

Tummy tuck is a surgical procedure wherein the excessive skin from the abdomen is removed and weakened muscles of the abdomen are tightened to have a stiffer look. Every year, more than 82,000 adults in America undergo abdominoplasty. People who have loose belly muscles and women who have after effects of pregnancy are most prone to tummy tuck. When normal medications like exercise, balanced food goes in vain, people finally resort to abdominoplasty in order to reduce excessive fats from the human body but the right combination of exercises and dieting concepts can definitely help to prevent from undergoing cosmetic surgeries. Exercises are effective and non expensive ways to eliminate the extra muscles from the human body.

There are practically no substitutes for abdominoplasty. Very few patients, especially women do not undergo any changes especially after the treatment of abdominoplasty. The best and the old traditional method of exercising remains the sole substitute for patients who wish to undergo tummy tuck and for people who wish to maintain the perfect abs. The most prominent exercise is keeping the leg off the floor in a right angle with the entire body lying on the floor like the one shown in the picture below.

abdomen, tummy tuck

Ab Crunches

One of the most popular exercises advised is the Crunch. Maintain your shoulder above the ground level. Inhale and then finally move your knees towards your chest region, simultaneously lifting the above portion of the body close to 30 degrees and then exhale and settle down. Continue the same steps at least for 15 to 20 minutes. Avoid arching the back as the crunches will assist in contracting the muscles of the abdomen. This helps to exercise effectively thus reducing the overweight muscles. Majority of the obese people who tried this exercise have benefited from it and have avoided abdominoplasty. However the length and the type of workout depend upon the individual and have to be constantly guided under expert trainers and nutritionists. A peer shaped individual may not be required to work out heavily.  Such individuals may be required to follow minimal modifications in their dieting processes in comparison to a bulky body.

Naukanasa, boat excercise

Best stretching excercise for abdomen

Another popular exercise commonly advised is the counter boat. It is opposite pose to naukasana. One will be required to stand on one’s knees with upward facing heels, with hands on them. Develop your back in the form of a semi circle and the position of the head facing upwards, as shown in the picture. Maintain this position for at least 30 seconds and try to repeat the same for 3 to 4 times. This also gives the abdomen a good stretching exercise thus reducing the extra mass.

perfect Abs, flat tummy

This exercise is commonly known as bridging where one is stretched fully to feel the burn. First one should lie flat on the floor, with shoulder width apart, and bent knees. Slowly stretch the muscles of the abdomen and then finally lift the midsection which gives the appearance of a bridge. However this is not advisable if one is experiencing lower back problems.

Flat Tummy, perfect abs


Another commonly method of practicing exercises is the boat exercise. Lie down flat on the ground with the back on the ground. Gradually lift the upper section of the body along with the lower section upwards to an angle of 30 degrees for approximately 30 to 40 seconds. Repeat the same for 9 to 10 times. This posture helps to tighten the muscles around the abdomen, thus giving a more attractive look.

One should always try to get body in shape with natural ways through exercise and regular workouts. on the other hand tummy tuck is always there to get rid from that pot bellies and hanging fat around your tummy.

for people who are really frustrated with never ending crunches for abs and loads of other excercises to lose fat from their body in proportion from all body segments liposuction is always there.

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