Trends in abdominoplasty : tummy tuck

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)  is a form of cosmetic surgery wherein the redundant fats are eliminated for the human body through surgical methods. This stiffens out the muscles, especially around the abdominal region. People, especially in the tropical regions of the globe tend to gain weight due to their consumption habits and climatic effects. As a result, they accumulate weight faster as compared to the rest of the world, which is observed in both men and women. Hence people resort to weight loss therapies (Abdominoplasty, tummy tuck, liposuction, lap band surgery) and other medication to reduce weight.

The level of surgery performed on the patient depends upon the mass of the hanging muscles around the abdomen region. The procedures are broadly classified into partial and full tummy tuck. Mini abdominoplasty is performed on patients who have limited amount of skin protruding from the lower abdomen whereas full surgery is performed on patients who have sufficient chunk of stomach skin hanging around, which gives an ugly appearance. Incision is smaller in mini abdominoplasty and the time taken for such a surgery is relatively lesser, likewise for a full tummy tuck.

In full abdominoplasty the belly skin is removed and the muscles from the buttocks and thighs are tightened. Care is also taken such that the scar will be hidden either from a bathing suit or underwear. Finally the umbilicus will be detached from the abdomen and the belly button will be re-attached. The costs of such tummy tucks surgery vary anywhere in between $8,500 – $15,500.

The most commonly observed facts in cosmetic surgeries like (tummy tuck) abdominoplasty is fashion and eager to stay younger. People love to eat fatty and junk foods but at the same time prefer to look younger and also prefer to have an attractive body. This trend is most commonly observed in the developing countries like US, Canada, UK, Spain Italy, France, etc. there are some patients who wish to prefer tummy tucks twice or even thrice in their lifetime to look younger for a longer duration of their lifetime.

USA being the largest market for people going for Abdominoplasty, tummytuck has given opportunities to many countries based in different continents of the world. As compared to the USA countries like India, Thailand, Malaysia, Srilanka, Singapore and Turkey offer the tummy tuck surgery at a very lower rate as low as 50%-60% discount in the cost. These countries have now days become the best medical tourism markets in the world for major cosmetic surgeries (tummy tuck, abdominoplasty, liposuction and lap band surgery) due to cheap and best medical services. You get best the value and satisfaction for your money spent and special care.
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  • Deon Margison  says:

    People who consider liposuction is a weight reduction method are mistaken, and they cannot use it instead of traditional procedures of cutting down pounds. Lipo is a operative procedure carried out by competent doctors to sculpt the figure, not clear away extra fat. Solely small amounts of fat are taken off throughout a liposuction process so the patient really does not get rid of many pounds.

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